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The Light House

The Light House is a Homeopathy Clinic and Healing Centre run by Dr Rose Isbell.

For decades it was situated in Bealey Avenue. Christchurch.

Since the earthquakes it has shifted to Spreydon.

The Clinic is situated in the buildings at the back of the section, accessed from the driveway.

the old lighthouse


The Temple is a small room with an ancient Egyptian theme.

The centrepiece is the goddess Isis, and the pictures are on Egyptian papyrus, although there are also Buddhist, Hindu and Christian influences.

It has a Cleopatra couch, and can seat eight people, with more on cushions.

It is most commonly used as a temple for contemplation and meditation, and a space for listening to music.

The energies reflect its ancient Egyptian inspiration, and it is a wonderful space to sit in, and receive guidance.

There is a series of Hildegard of Bingen’s paintings connecting back to the medieval mystical tradition.

This is the room used for small meditation sessions and courses, and it serves as the waiting room for the Inner Temple.

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Inner Temple

The Inner Temple is a healing space, opening from the Temple.

It brings together a number of different healing traditions, and is set up for a range of treatment modalities.

This room is the venue for Rose’s homeopathy and flower essence service, where she can practise in the detailed way she has developed over the years.

Homeopathic remedies and Christchurch Flower Essences are dispensed in the Temple, while Homeobotanicals and other Flower Essences are prepared in the Dispensary inside the house.

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Unity Room

The Unity Room is a soundproofed studio, with separate access from the driveway.

The Unity Room has a

 Ganeesha theme, with elephants also, and Dancing Drumming Goddessess!

The Christchurch Flower Essences are housed here, and the meditation courses by Orin and DaBen.

The Unity Room is used for larger classes and workshops.

It opens onto the Labyrinth, and is used for introductory talks for walking the Labyrinth.

Unity Room MAR19