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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic system of health that treats the whole person, rather than just the illness.

Remedies are chosen according to the pattern of symptoms the person has.

The remedies are diluted, or potentised, and are individually chosen.

Homeopathic treatment does not directly change your diet or lifestyle.

Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine, and you may be able to reduce other medication, under supervision..

Magnolia homeopathy

What can Homeopathy Treat?

Homeopathy works with your body’s “vital force’, to strengthen your well being.

The aim of treatment is to achieve your best possible health – physical, mental and emotional.

Homeopathy is suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly.

Also for all levels of health, from athletes to people having terminal care.

It can be used for short term infectious illnesses, as well as for long term chronic conditions.

It is useful in recovery after accidents and surgery.

The amount of improvement depends on the illness and ability of the body to respond, but it can be remarkable.


What Happens in a Homeopathy Appointment?

At The Light House you come down the drive, past the labyrinth and temple garden, to the temple, or waiting room.

You will first be asked to fill in a form giving your personal details.

I then talk to you about your illness or injury, and ask more information about your health, past illnesses, and your preferences.

Then I will check with reference books, choose a homeopathic remedy, and give it to you. 

Usually I will give you a bottle of Flower Essences to take home, to help with emotional well being.

We may plan for you to return monthly until you are better, or your improvement plateaus off.


For people who live outside Christchurch, we can arrange a Remote Remedy. We can talk by phone and send information by email, and I can courier remedies to you.