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DR ROSE ISBELL is a Homeopathic Doctor who has treated tens of thousands of people. Having  retired from medicine after 50 years service, she is continuing to work with Homeopathy and Flower Essences. 
Her Clinic at The Light House hosts a Temple, Temple Garden and Labyrinth. Rose is a Celebrant and performs weddings and other ceremonies.


Homeopathy sees the person as an integrated whole, and is designed to correct the imbalances that occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

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The Labyrinth is on the path leading to the Temple.

Follow the Facebook page Labyrinth at The Light House Christchurch for dates and times that the Labyrinth is open, and for introductory talks about walking the Labyrinth.

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Rose is a Registered Celebrant, and performs Weddings and other Ceremonies.

She is interested in Ceremonies and Rituals on the Labyrinth, and using the Labyrinth in Weddings and other Ceremonies.

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