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Christchurch Flower Essences

The Christchurch Flower Essences were made by Rose Isbell, to capture the healing properties of the flowers and gardens of Christchurch, New Zealand.

They are not just for use in Christchurch, though, as when she made them she was very aware of their future use throughout New Zealand, and around the world.

The Essences have been through the Christchurch earthquakes and recovery, and have taken on a new dimension, as they reflect higher light and consciousness.

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be11 transformationBlended Essences

Blended Essences are combinations to enhance specific qualities of physical, mental and spiritual development – Awareness, Balance, Energy, Growth, Guidance, Harmony, Inspiration, Life Path. Openness, Relief, Transformation and Trust.

CHCH FlowerEssence labels Dose

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be10 reliefRelief Essence

Relief Essence is a combination of five Flower Essences that have a calming and stabilising effect on the body and emotions during crises.

The components specifically address injury, illness, betrayal, grief and stress. The flowers in the Relief Essence are Dog Toothed Violet, Foxglove, Pig Squeak, Pussy Willow and Tiger Lily.

CHCH FlowerEssence labels 2

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