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Return of the Divine Sophia by Tricia McCannon

Today, perhaps more than any other time in human history, we are seeing the rebirth of a unity consciousness that incorporates many ancient streams of knowledge with the desire to write a new destiny for the human race.

This rekindling of ancient wisdom with modern-day mysticism is being brought about by the quest to bring a deeper meaning into a world that appears to have lost it; a fast-paced, materialistic world that seems to be obsessed with violence, death and killing.

Perhaps one of the reasons this resurgence is needed is that we can see how badly the world needs balance. We feel it personally in the stress of our daily lives, the imbalance of our relationships, and the ecological crisis of the Earth herself.

The Dream of The Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul by Anne Baring

The effects on the world of the loss of the Feminine, the loss of soul, are incalculable. Instinctive knowledge of the holy unity of things, reverence for the interconnection of all aspects of life, trust in the power of the imagination and the faculty of the intuition – all this as a way of relating to life through participation rather than dominance and control, has almost been lost....

The human heart cries out for the return of beauty, for a place of sanctuary, for community and relationship, where the inner life is seen to be as important as the outer and where a unifying sacred order to life on this planet is recognised and honoured.

A Modern-Day Priestess by Priestess Presence

The Priestess archetype is one that spans the aeons. Her sacred presence has been felt throughout Ancient civilisations across every culture. Historically, the Priestess was responsible for the spiritual health and well-being of her community; she held a position of great importance and was the container for their hopes and dreams. Although her mystical presence was a crucial ingredient in communities globally, this archetype has not been recognised in our culture for thousands of years....

The Priestess knows how to create sacred space where transformation, listening and accessing out higher selves takes place. This is a place where travelling between realms of consciousness is possible. She holds space where we can go in, unpack, dissolve, dilute and reconstitute our beings through a myriad of different sacred technologies. She is an alchemical presence, transforming others through who she is being.

While temples still exist and people access them to seek guidance, counsel, and inner knowing, many are no longer populated with such priestesses. Yet, the Priestess is still within us. Can you feel her?

The Way of The Rose

I am following the Path of the Priestess and the Way of the Rose.

Here are some of the areas that I am interested in, and have studied:

Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis

I am obsessed with Ancient Egypt, and remember past lives there and in Atlantis. I have done many courses, but the ones on Egyptian Shamanic Alchemy with Nicki Scully were the most enlightening. I think that with the name Isbell, that marks me as an Isis follower!

Isis 2

The Christ Path

I started reading the Bible avidly aged 8, and had recurrent dreams relating to parts of the New Testament..

I have been very influenced by the teachings of the renowned scholar and mystic Andrew Harvey, and his courses on The Christ Path and the Christ Path Intensive.

Mary Magdalene

While living in Provence, I was introduced to the stories of Mary Magdalene, who was said to have lived and taught there.

During lockdown, I attended a virtual pilgrimage there with Kayleen Asbo. She describes herself as a Cultural Historian, and did her PhD in the iconography of Mary Magdalene.

Currently I am doing a nine month intensive course on Mary Magdalene with Kayleen Asbo of Mythica.

There have also been courses by others, including Veronique Flayol, who lives at la Sainte-Baum.


Magdalene Rose Temple

This is a Global Priestess Sisterhood facilitated by Melissa Astara Rose. She offers Rose Priestess initiations and teachings. I have completed the Rose Priestess Academy, and am a Certified Rose Priestess, and Affiliate.

Mary Magdalene

The Black Madonna

There were many Black Madonnas in Provence. They are also found in Spain, Poland, and other European countries. Some say that the first one was painted by St Luke.

They represent the earthiness of the Divine Feminine, and also the Madonna and Child. Black Madonnas have often been a source of great strength to their communities, as in the Black Madonna of Czestochowa in Poland.

Black Madonna

Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard is a 11-12th Century German mystic, who had visions, and painted pictures and wrote books. She founded two monasteries, wrote music, and composed the first opera.

Her teachings are full of light, but were controversial at the time, and she has only recently been made a Saint.

When I discovered her 30 years ago I read all that was published at that stage, and played her music nonstop in my waiting room.

More recently there have been a number of courses on Hildegard by Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey.

I have been in an online class learning her songs, taught by the leader of the group whose music I was playing decades ago.

I was fortunate to go on a virtual pilgrimage during lockdown, along the newly formed St Hildegard’s Way, which followed where she had lived, with multicultural modern commentary.

My daughter Catherine has recently visited two of Hildegard's Monasteries, as a Pilgrimage for me.

I am happy to give illustrated talks on Hildegard of Bingen.

Hildegard p

Christian Mystics

I have followed Matthew Fox’s books and courses on other Christian mystics, including Meister Eckhart, Teresa of Avilla and Julian of Norwich.

St Francis and St Clare

Having been to Assisi, I am very interested in the teachings of St Francis and St Clare. St Francis’s mother was a Provencal lady, and he had that background as well.

I am a Postulant with the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis.

St Francis

Chartres Cathedral

I visited Chartres Cathedral a long time ago, and was reintroducted when I did a virtual pilgrimage there during lockdown, with Ubiquity University.  My daughter did a pilgrimage there for me this year.

Chartres is an early gothic cathedral with beautiful architecture and spectacular stained glass windows.

There were three Black Madonnas there, one in the crypt, one on a pillar (which has been painted white with the renovations), and a blue virgin in one of the stained glass windows.

One of the wonderful features is a thirteen circuit labyrinth, which was built in

1201. It is this labyrinth that has sparked the imagination of people round the world, and has been reproduced in many places. (The St Luke’s Labyrinth had a Chartres design.)

My daughter Catherine went to Chartres Cathedral as a Pilgrimage for me.

I am happy to give illustrated talks on Labyrinths, using her photographs, on the topics of: Walking a Sacred Path,  and Walking a Labyrinth. I can also offer a one day retreat on the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool.

Chartres Cathedral

Priestess Presence

Priestess Presence is an online Temple with 90,000 members, that was started by Elayne Kalila Sophia.

The rise of the Divine Feminine is anchored in the hearts of many and our temple has been birthing itself from within the collective heart and consciousness of these sisters who have been drawn to this remembrance within themselves.

I am a member of the Temple, and have done a number of their courses.

Prestess Presence

Death and Near Death Experiences

Having had a Near Death Experience aged 8, death and dying has always interested me. I was drawn to nurse aiding and working with the elderly when I was a student, and this was part of my practice as a geriatrician.

More recently I have done courses on dying, being a Death Doula, and a Beyond the Veil summit. The work of the myrrophores is fascinating, using essences to help with the dying process. I would love to have a future role as a myrrophore and psychopomp, helping people to transition.

I welcome opportunities to sit with dying people, and pray with them.


Other interests and areas of study include Sacred Geometry, the Cathars, and Avalon/Glastonbury.

A Course in Miracles

I am a teacher of A Course in Miracles.

There is a one year programme of music and dance, and I am the reader for Day 103.