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Awakening Your Light Body

SU09dogwoodInvitation to Awaken Your Light Body

We are inviting to the Awakening Your Light Body Course you who are on a path of initiation, who are ready at this time, and who want to shift your vibratory note to a higher level. This is a powerful time of initiation and spiritual transformation as new, higher energies of light come to the earth plane.

This is a course for you who are the teachers, healer and leaders (even if you have not acknowledged yet who you are). It is for you who are ready to own your power, open to the new, and live in higher ways that you know are possible.

The Awakening Your Light Body course is a step-by-step programme of meditation to teach you how to live in higher consciousness and become aware of increasingly higher planes of reality.

What is the Light Body?

Your Light Body is the spiritual shimmer that is the next evolutionary step for humanity. Your Light Body is a new energy body – a part of your aura that was not possible to awaken before the new, higher energies came to the earth plane. It is your aura as it exists in the higher dimensions of your soul.

As you Awaken Your Light Body it is like having a new kind of vision. You will be
able to see, sense and feel the higher, more beautiful energies of the higher dimensions and make them more a part of your everyday life.

To Awaken Your Light Body is to have a level of harmony between all your energy bodies
– to align your physical, emotions and mental energy bodies – so your spiritual shimmer is activated. To align your energy bodies you will work with the seven vibrational energy centres that affect them. (These are not the chakras.)

There are three Light Body centres. As you awaken them, you become a greater and greater radiating source of Light. You can take in energy from all around you and transmute it into Light. The people, situations and things you draw to you will reflect your higher emotions.

Why Awaken Your Light Body

Awakening Your Light Body can assist you in having a clearer vision of what you are here to do, lifting the veils so you can see more of your purpose and who you are. If you are teaching or working with others, it will help your work to have a more profound effect and make you more magnetic to clients and students.

Awakening Your Light Body can help you create states of inner illumination, mental clarity, and an open heart. You can more easily choose how you want to feel and the thoughts you want, and be more focuses, mentally alert and physically vibrant.

You can gain an increasing ability to harmonise with the energies around you and not be affected by the denser ones. You can become transparent to lower energies and choose inner peace. As you gain a stronger connection to the Higher Will and Universal Mind, you can become more attractive to abundance, opportunities and relationships.

Awakening Your Light Body

The course consists of six volumes of meditations, by DaBen and Orin, channelled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, and the unpublished manuscript Awakening Your Light Body.

Rose Isbell is a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course, and has completed the advanced courses:

  • Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies

  • Radiance: Self-Exciting

  • Opening Your Channel Upwards

  • Light Body Consciousness

  • Radiance: Transmitting Light

  • Radiance: Transmitting Self-Exciting

She is teaching the Awakening Your Light Body course using the channelled meditations by DaBen and Orin.

She teaches the course using the International Light Body Study Course.

The Awakening Your Light Body Course

DaBen will teach you each of the ten light body centres (not the chakras) and transmit energy to you to awaken them.

Orin will lead you through the process to transform your personality, open the channel to your Higher Self and/or Guide, discover your life purpose and more.

You will learn many heightened, expanded states of consciousness. DaBen and Orin will teach you the highest tools of light as you live as your Higher Self.

If you would like more information about the Awakening Your Light Body course, please Contact Us.