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Labyrinth WalkFree

The labyrinth is viewed as a metaphor for life’s journey. It offers lessons as we walk the    path. Walking the labyrinth assists us to address challenges, meditate, pray, and find peace and serenity.

This talk describes Labyrinths, and the different types of Labyrinth..

It shows pictures of Medieval Labyrinths from Chartres Cathedral in France, to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, and St Luke’s Labyrinth in Christchurch.

There are pictures of the amazing variety of Labyrinths around the world, information about the Labyrinth community, and an introduction to online “Finger Walks”.

Also covered is information about walking a labyrinth, what to expect on the Labyrinth, and guidelines for the path.

Afterwards there will be an invitation to walk one of the local Labyrinths.


Other topics

  • Homeopathy, and introduction for new clients
  • First Aid treatment with Homeopathy
  • Flower Essences, and different systems around the world
  • Christchurch Flower Essences, Blended Essences and Relief Essence
  • Labyrinths, including Chartres Cathedral, Grace Cathedral, St Luke's
  • Sacred Geometry, including sacred geometry of the garden
  • Christian Mystics, including Hildegard of Bingen and her teachings, art and music
  • Other spiritual traditions, such as Isis, Mary Magdalene, Black Madonnas, Sisterhood of the Rose

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